Tempo Latino music festival in Vic Fezensac starts the 25th July for 4 days

Festival of Latin Afro-Cuban music. Offering free and paid concerts and an important training component (dance, multi-instrumental songs percu-children).

A Vic-Fezensac the heart of the Gers in Gascony, Tempo Latino Festival is the largest European Latin music and Afro-Cuban, salsa, Latin jazz and hip-hop. This is a reference to the music and Latin music.

Tempo Latino presents each year for 4 days and 4 nights, a varied program of concerts and workshops with artists and teachers internationally including from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Africa, United States, Europe and Japan …

Address: 3 Rue Gén Delort, 32190 Vic-Fezensac, France
Telephone: +33 5 62 06 56 66