Festival Galop Romain en Gascongne in Eauze

Created in 2003 by a handful volunteers, the “Festival Galop Romain Gascogne” has the objective to participate also to raise awareness Éauze through its rich Gallo-Roman past. Huge efforts are made ​​for updating the archaeological site of Cieutat.

The common Éauze, the archaeological museum, archaeologists INRAP and of course the Friends of the Museum of Éauze are not busy throughout the year. The “Festival Galop Romain Gascogne” has chosen to position itself on the events.

The program culture through associations pageant, or visit the excavations of the Domus, humor with the famous chariot race in human traction that allows Elusates to staging, with the spectacular annual a great show Gallo-Roman. It is now more than a hundred that await you on the beautiful amusement park Panblan just steps from downtown.



To find out what else is on visit: www.tourisme-eauze.fr