Visit Larressingle

Visit Larressingle, most beautiful village of France and its medieval castle Gascon.
Immerse yourself in the history of Gascony, and discover one of the most beautiful and small fortified villages of France. Boundary walls, curtains, crenellated towers, moat, thirteenth century castle, fortified church of the twelfth century, medieval terraced houses, the village welcomes you as it was in the sixteenth century.

Beautifully restored, Larressingle nestled in lush greenery in the heart of the Gers wine region.

Located just outside the walled city of Larressingle step back in time and re-discover the middle ages and war machines Camp Medieval Siege.
Passionate about his craft and this period of history, Gauthier will welcome you in conducting time to present the different war machines.
During the visit, children and adults can, (depending on the age) help fire the medieval weapons engage in combat with swords! You can also test your skills at archery, crossbow and catapults.

You can dress up as knights and discover the traditional trades ( stonemason, chain mail). Workshops manufacturing balls to the catapult and the Royal denier for treasure are also available during the visit. Be careful, you will be pilloried if the piece is a fake money!



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