Pellehaut – Own local wine domain

Located on the slopes of Castle Pellehaut, more than 180 m above sea level , the vineyard has an ideal terroir and maximum sunshine. Frequently protected effect Foenh (Pyrenees barrier) Gers has more of a relatively low summer rainfall.

“Pellehaut” takes its name from the Roman or medieval pila. The presence of mosaics representing the vine, two kilometers away, on the site of the Gallo-Roman villa of Séviac, suggests that the vine was already present at the time of the Roman Pellehaut … The area now covers 550 hectares including 250 hectares of vineyards. This is a farm traditionally managed by brothers Martin and Mathieu BERAUT .

The vineyard
The vines are on ridges , low funds are reserved for cattle and cereal crops. Thus, the litter of Aquitaine blondes associated with grape marc contribute to the development of a compost of choice for the vines. This complementarity of activities keeps the balance in organic matter of different plots, while limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers.

This is also the spirit of the work on the field Pellehaut: respect for traditional methods and natural balance, combined with scientific rigor and a constant attention to quality and innovation.

Pellehaut Castle, built in the 18th century, facing the Pyrenees.
It is located in the Ténarèze (name of a Roman road), bordering the Bas-Armagnac, and has therefore a wide variety of soils.

The calcareous clay (clay soil on limestone outcropping rocks) that bloom red varietals and Chardonnay.
The boulbènes (mixture of clay and sand on a limestone underlayer) that allow local grape varieties give white wines of great aromatic finesse.The light boulbènes (mixture of clay and sand, with a high proportion of sand) are the favorites land renowned Armagnac.

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