February 2016

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  • Pellehaut – Own local wine domain

    Located on the slopes of Castle Pellehaut, more than 180 m above sea level , the vineyard has an ideal terroir and maximum sunshine. Frequently protected effect Foenh (Pyrenees barrier) Gers has more of a relatively low summer rainfall. “Pellehaut” takes its name from the Roman or medieval pila. The presence of mosaics representing the […]

  • La Bastide Barbotan-les-Thermes

    A warm place, for a delicious treat … Under the Bastide Archway nestles a luminous Restaurant. With its huge Antique Dresser, made of Gascony oak, the Restaurant provides an elegant and warm Decor : “cabochon” tiled floor, fireplace, antique paintings and furniture … A romantic supper or a family celebration are perfect occasions to savour our […]