June 2015

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  • Marciac Jazz Festival

    In contrast to the big blockbuster festivals, this is a delightful, intimate jazz festival in tiny, 13th-century Marciac which lies between the cities of Pau and Auch. But it still attracts the big names, and being small, you really get close to the music. The festival began in 1978 with one concert organized by a […]

  • Tempo Latino music festival in Vic Fezensac starts the 25th July for 4 days

    Festival of Latin Afro-Cuban music. Offering free and paid concerts and an important training component (dance, multi-instrumental songs percu-children). A Vic-Fezensac the heart of the Gers in Gascony, Tempo Latino Festival is the largest European Latin music and Afro-Cuban, salsa, Latin jazz and hip-hop. This is a reference to the music and Latin music. Tempo […]

  • Festival Galop Romain en Gascongne in Eauze

    Created in 2003 by a handful volunteers, the “Festival Galop Romain Gascogne” has the objective to participate also to raise awareness Éauze through its rich Gallo-Roman past. Huge efforts are made ​​for updating the archaeological site of Cieutat. The common Éauze, the archaeological museum, archaeologists INRAP and of course the Friends of the Museum of Éauze […]